They are wrong (2)

Ko Zaw Thet Htwe…

I do not think I need to say about these things if the police, abiding the laws, uncover the perpetrators and puppeteers involved in the attack on Dr. Than Htut Aung’s life. Now, only a brief time after escaping an attempted murder, propagandist rumors aimed to discredit him and diminish the case were spread.

Why did some media workers and Press Council members participated in spreading the rumors to make the public disillusioned about the truth? Before the stance of your community on the case was clear and before the complications were solved, you yourself phoned Gangaw.

I believe I do not need to say this if Police had done their job and arrested all the assailants and planners involved in the attack. Now it is clear that all these issues are interconnected. Moreover, how did your community spread the propagandist rumors?

Beside you and Ko Ngat Pyaw Kyaw, there are two more actors involved. If needs be, I will uncover them with detailed evidences. I will ask the police force again to investigate the people that should be investigated. I will keep asking. What kind of network is connected to the case will be exposed. The so-called ‘A Ba’ (a term used for high ranking officials) referred by Than Htike Aung from Military Security Affairs is identified and the information is submitted to related authorities. It is now their responsibility.

As a continuation of the first part of this article, I will now talk about Ko Myint Kyaw.



Ko Myint Kyaw…

It has not been long that I had acquainted you. It was only after becoming a Press Council member through Myanmar Journalist Network (MJN). To my findings, I was informed that you become MJN member without having enough experience in working with news media field.

You are quote in the Standard Time daily as saying, “(I) don’t think there will be any difference if it (the Press Council election) is done under the next government. People who are now complaining about that are just nobody. The election is aimed to reunite (the press council). It is planned to reform quickly because some members of the Interim Myanmar Press Council are not actively performing their duties.”

What do you mean by ‘some members of the Interim Myanmar Press Council are not actively performing their duties’? In this case, prove what you have done as a member.

Its core ambitions are:

  1. Write media ethics.
  2. Set roadmap for the Press Council
  3. Draft media law and by-laws, and
  4. Solve disagreements and complaints.

Those are the core ambitions every agreed upon when Interim Myanmar Press Council was founded, yet you are doing other things, especially working with international donors, aside from the ambitions. By ‘not actively performing’, do you mean not participating in those activities? I want to know if you have ever worked as a journalist, editor or publisher in the media field.

Your accusation is quite wrong. All of you are only doing what you want by using the 50 million kyat that the President had donated to you. Now, not even a few hundred is left of it.

What is more, do you want to say Ko Zaw Thet Htwe, Dr. Phay Myint, Dr. Myo Thant Tin, Ko Ye Min Oo and Ko Khin Maung Htay repeatedly going to foreign countries as working for the council? If they do work for the council, did they ever report back to the council? Did they ever say which organization had invited them, where they went, which topics were discussed, and how they can benefit the media environment? If they did, it can be said they are working as it can positively affect the media environment.

Moreover, by saying ‘don’t think there will be any difference if it (the Press Council election) is done under the next government’, you made it clear that your political perspective is questionable. It seems you recklessly said what you did not understand.

You also said, “The selection board is made up of experienced, educated and charismatic people. Nothing can have influence on them.”

The chairman U Maw Than is presidential advisor,and Secretary Daw Thida Tin is Deputy Director from Ministry of Informationwhile Ma Sanda and Maung Khin Min (Danu Phyu) are reluctant to go against the government. Who will believe what you said: ‘nothing can have influence on them’?

“A week before the elections (some reporters) may go to remote areas. But two or three weeks prior to the elections, they won’t be such cases. It is wrong that it (Press Council election) is timed when the media outlets are busy with the general elections.” Why did you say that?

Media companies in Yangon and all other areas are spending human resources, material resources and even giving trainings everyday. Moreover, they are also using a considerable amount of their human resources to cover election campaigns. Looking at this point, it is obvious that you do not have a decent experience in media environment.

It is undeniable that the Interim Myanmar Press Council usually fails to solve problems that journalists faces as a result of a lack of people that truly represent and sympathize the journalists.

If the Press Council is formed, I would like to point out each and every member to count how many of them will protect the journalists and reporters who are always at risk of being sued, imprisoned or even killed.

To be continued.