Extreme terrorism and finding the truth


A large number of people including natives in Rakhine State have to suffer greatly due to violent attacks of extremist Bengalis. In the international community, however, focus is on the difficulties facing those fleeing to Bangladesh. It is therefore necessary to make the world know about the acts of extremist Bengali terrorists.  

Few people took notice of around a hundred of Hindus who went missing in northern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, while violent incidents occurred. But now, the bodies of those Hindus have been found buried after being brutally killed.  

Security forces discovered 28 bodies of Hindus killed by ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists near Yebawkya Village, Maungdaw Township, on September 24.

The bodies were dug by some Hindu leaders and border guard police from two pits not far from a Bengali village named Bawtala, about one mile from Khamaungseik Village. Of the about 100, 28 bodies— eight males and 20 females—were found. Moreover, the terrorists kidnapped six Hindu women, but there were later rescued by those living in Bangladesh. They have told about true situations in that country.   

More bodies of Hindus were found buried from the jungle near Yebawkya Village, No.1 Border Guard Police Force Control Commander Police Brigadier General Thura San Lwin confirmed. The additional 17 male bodies were found with their hands tied together. The women bodies found on September 24 have sings of rape but the authorities have not confirmed it.

In conclusion, the Daily Eleven calls for thorough investigation into those brutal murders so that the true information could spread to the international community.