Actor Down’s childhood life

Lin Lin Khaing

Many young people strive to realize their dreams in life, despite numerous challenges and barriers in their way.

One young man who made his dreams come true is Down. He earned money playing football to become a singer and now he is a star actor.

His birthday is March 30, which is great, he says, because it is the same birthday as his favourite painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Down was born in Pyay Township, and grew up in Meikhtila, Middle Myanmar.

In a recent interview, he recalled that a pair of shoes was one of his memories. When he was young, he liked his father’s military shoes very much. His parents wanted to buy him a pair of shoes, but they could not afford it. Now he wears white shoes.

He said: “Mom gave it to me as a surprise gift. I liked it when I saw it. But when I knew it wasn’t new ones, I asked them where did they get it. Dad told me that it was his friend’s son’s. I felt the feelings of my parents when I asked about it. I can feel it now.”

 Down admits he wasn’t an outstanding student when he was a child. He started learning ‘See and Wah’ (Myanmar musical instruments). When he moved to Yangon as a 10th Standard student he didn’t try the matriculation examination.

He said: “10th Standard was a turning point in my life. I faced many conflicts at that time especially with my father. I didn’t want to give up sports and music. But I wanted to leave school. My father told me to do them when I pass the matriculation exam. But I didn’t sit the exam at that time.”

Later, he met composer KAT and then he sat the matriculation exam. He played football at a club for three years to generate money to pay for his music. But his teacher KAT passed away when he had enough money and ready to focus on his music.

Another turning point came in his life. He learned that Sartori film production was inviting new actors for a movie based on music. He applied for a part and met the producer Myo Zaw. He became the actor of Sartori film production and is now trying to make a music album. 


Translated by Thetmon