Interview with Pyay T Oo

Lin Lin Khaing
Academy award winner Pyi T Oo

Q:  Can you tell me about your feelings on ‘Nay Win Eait Tan Tat’?

A: In the film, my character was a mature man to whom a young girl tries to get close. The man must protect his family, dignity and pride. I also wanted to highlight the professional ethics of a physician. The message of the film is how to live in old age without having regrets about what we’ve done before. I believe audiences will benefit from the movie.

Q: I think the movie "Yar Za Win Yein Thu Myar" which will be shown in cinemas soon will also be an interesting one. Can you tell about that?

A: I tried my best for it, too. The script is very interesting. I’m sure audiences will get a different feeling from it.

Q: Which different characters will you perform as this year?

A: I will be many different characters for the audience this year. For example, in “Knife In the Heart”.

Q: How do you think your fans will react to "Knife in the heart" when you performed as a villain?

A: They will see a totally different side of me in that movie. I’ve performed as a villain before in "Adam and Ava" and "Every Time Everywhere". However, in those movies, my characters were endearing to the audience. But in "Knife in the heart", my character is awful and disgusting and the audience will despise me in it.

Q: Do you hope to win an Academy Award this year?

A: I don’t think I will. However, it depends on the love and faith of the fans.

Q: Please give a message to your fans.

A: I’m still trying my best. I thank you all.

Translated by Thet Mon Htun