No censorship for Thingyan chants in Ayeyawady Region

Min Thu Win Htut
Thingyan chanting group entertaining in Myaungmya Township in 2016 Thingyan festival
Ayeyawady – Groups of Thingyan singing chanter in Ayeyawady Region do not need to the regional government about censorship, according to the Ayeyawady Region City Development minister Kyaw Myint. 
The regional government allows chanting group freely, but demands certain responsibilities from them. 
There will be two central pavilions, departmental pavilions and Rakhine traditional water splashing pavilion in Pathein Township (Capital of Ayeyawady Region).  The union government allocated Ks. 50 million to celebrate the Water Festival for the Ayeyawady Region. 
Kyaw Myint said: “There will be nine chanting groups with nine decorated vehicles. They will compete in chanting and decorating, and they will entertain at the No. 2 Central pavilion. We will hold an opening and closing ceremonies at the No. 1 Central pavilion. Regarding with the chants, we do not restrict any words in the chant - they can entertain people with the chant as they wish. The only thing we demand is that they be polite. We want their chants to not be against the policy of the government, not to fight against a person and to preserve religious and cultural practices.”
The Yangon Region government on the other hand conducts censorship on the chanting during Thingyan. 
Translated by Thetmon