Eye of Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda in Dawei sparkles

Phyo Zin
Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda with halo sparkling in right eye (small pic) and the pilgrims (big pic)
The right eye of the Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda, which is one of the historic Shin Koe Shin (nine pagodas) located in Dawei, sparkled on April 3 at noon. 
Pagoda trustee Ohn Maung said: “A girl who paid homage on April 3 at 11:50 am yelled that the pagoda image was fluttering its eyelash. Then, we (the pagoda trustees) looked at the pagoda, and we saw a glittering light in the right eye of the pagoda. 
Ohn Maung said, according to legend, that in the past the pagoda used to flutter eyelashes or smile.  More visitors and pilgrims visit the pagoda after the news spread, and as a result more police are now guarding the pagoda.  
Translated by Thetmon