Vacationers flood to Gaw Yan Gyi island in holiday periods

Nilar Soe (Pathein)
Visitors at Gaw Yan Gyi Beach (Photo-EMG)

Pathein – Many vacationers are visiting Gaw Yan Gyi Beach in Ayeyawady region, with bookings full at guest houses and nearby houses, according to locals.

“We have more visitors this year than last year. We charged Ks3,000 for each of them to sleep at local’s homes, and provided mosquito nets and pillows. We are trying to make help them as community based tourism is still developing,” said Win Soe, a leading member of the community based tourism development committee.

Although there are three zones to develop community based tourism, Gaw Yan Gyi Beach and its nearby places are crowded as transportation is easily accessible. More specialists are needed to outline the plan of community based tourism to the region government.

“Bookings are full at guest houses in Thingyan period and some guest house owners raised room charges. House owners took no such increase however. The prices will be affordable as we are arranging community based tourism,” said Nant Cho Pyone, a local and guest house owner.

Room charges are ranged from Ks20,000 to 40,000 per night and house owners charged Ks30,000 per night if the whole house is hired.