MP suggests safe ways to increase salary without inflation

Parliamentarians suggested expanding taxation reach and cutting the expense of government's unpractical projects to increase the salaries of civil servants without inflation as a by-product.

Win Myint, the secretary of Lower House Banks and Financial Development Committee said: "For welfare of civil servants, it's necessary to boost their incomes. Firstly, we have to expand the reach of taxation. I didn't mean to increase tax rate; just to tighten grip over tax-dodgers. Cutting unnecessary expenses of the government's unpractical projects is the second way."

Through these two ways, boosting salary rate exclusive of inflation is possible, he said on Friday.

MP Win Than, a member of Union Parliament Planning and Financial Cooperation, said that the government and the Parliament had to raise the salary rate of governmental staffs including soldiers and police in accord with their responsibilities starting from fiscal year 2015-16.     

The Parliament approved the proposal for salary increase and passed it on to the government to implement. 

Some claimed the government needed to have sufficient monetary power to do so.

Win Than agreed with Win Myint's idea of scrutinising taxation process and leaks in government's projects.

The government's truck assembling project in Mayangone, factory for moulding automobiles in Myine, factory for production of axels used in trucks in Nabu-I and diesel engines manufacturing industry in Thagara have shown loss and need to be reviewed.

"If there are projects with no future, they all should be terminated," Win Than argued.

Sai Thiha Kyaw from the Parliament's Public Account Committee weighed in: "The risks are the shortage of budgets for necessary projects and the hiking expenditures. The government and the parliament put their hands on the salary raise."

The Parliament wanted to raise the basic salary up to minimum of Ks 120,000 (US$120) and the eight times of it as maximum rate. 

The government and the Parliament have negotiated whether pension and allowances should be included in salary boost, Sai Thiha Kyaw explained.

A wage earner receives currently Ks 3,000 ($3) a day [employed only in weekdays] and a staff makes Ks 75,000 ($75) a month and Ks 30,000 ($30) as allowance.

Higher ranked officials like director general and deputy director general earn Ks 180,000 ($180) and Ks 150,000 ($150) as basic pay.