Art exhibition of Myanmar and Dutch artists held

Pyaesone Newin

Under the arrangement of New Zero Art Space Gallery, an art exhibition jointly involving Myanmar and Dutch artists is being held at the New Zero Art Space-2 gallery from February 17th to 27th.

At the exhibitions, Myanmar artist Aung Myint and Dutch artist Rabin Hussein will display their joint creations as well as their installations. On the opening day of the exhibition, both artists gave introductory remarks concerning the show.

New Zero art gallery has introduced me to the artist Rabin Hussein, who is in Myanmar for two months under the invitation of the gallery. During this time, we created the art.

Performance art became a major phenomenon in the 1960s and 1970s and can be seen as a branch of conceptual art. Performance art is sometimes carefully planned and scripted but can also be spontaneous and random. Although it often takes place in front of an audience and may involve audience participation – or the orchestration of other participants by the artist –it can also be an action performed privately by the artist explained the artists in a statement.

Translated by May Aung Shwe