Anti-Corruption Commission achieves little

After taking office in 2011, President Thein Sein and his cabinet promised to be clean in their governance. However, public opinion holds that this promise has gone unfulfilled.

The Anti-Corruption Law took effect in September 2013, and the Anti-Corruption Commission was formed in February 2014. The committee is composed of fifteen members, eight of whom are former military officials. Chairperson Mya Win is a former general who has been criticised for committing briberies while serving in the military. 

Six months after the commission was established, the commission announced that it had received 533 complaint letters. The commission took action in only three of these cases. 

The Anti-Corruption Commission was established prevent bribery within the government. However, the commission’s unreliable and unclear investigations have decreased public’s trust that this is actually going on. The committee has been criticised for targeting low-level corruption without investigating the top ranks of the government.

According to Transparency International’s 2014 index, Myanmar ranks as one of the top-20 most corrupt countries in the world and the most corrupt in Asean.