Interview with Kyar Pauk

Kyar Puak
Big Bag’s new album ‘WOC – Weapons of Choice’ has been recorded in Sweden and it will be launched in Myanmar and internationally soon. The vocalist Kyar Pauk sings song predominately in English. He is also a music producer of The X Factor Myanmar and the song ‘Kyawe’ composed by him was hit among youths recently. 
Q: I would like to know the update of your new album recorded in Sweden. 
A: Its title is WOC – Weapons of Choice. The recording was done twice at two studios. The album will be distributed here by Forever. 
Q: How did you mix Myanmar and English in the songs?
A: In one song, the lyrics are split half and half. The verse is in Myanmar and the chorus is in English. All remaining songs are in English. 
Q: How satisfied are you with the album?
A: I’m very satisfied. However, some parts took longer han usual since the producers mixed music and sent me them via email. Then, I changed some parts and sent them back. But now it is 60 per cent finished on my side. 
Q: What kinds of themes are explored in your lyrics?
A: There are many different themes explored because composing in English gave me a lot of freedom. I could  be more productive since those ideas that cannot be expressed in Myanmar; I could express English. What is more, it was a really good experience working together with the producers. 
Q: What about the quality of the album?
A: The producers not only helped us with recording and mixing but also guided us. If the song has too many guitar parts, they advised us to reduce it. It is not that our style of music has totally changed, it’s only no longer in Myanmar language. It was really cool working with them. 
Q: What does the song WOC mean to you? 
A: We like that song very much. So do they. Also the FG Entertainment likes it too. That is why we chose it as a title song.
Q: How do you expect the local response the album to be? 
A: I had an interesting experience when I made ‘The Sun Factory’; it was not allowed to be distributed. I had put some English songs in my albums. However, I had to take time to gauge the response of the audience for the English songs compared them to the Myanmar songs. 
Q: Will you hold a concert after that album comes out? 
A: I have many dreams. Honestly, I want to sing abroad. However, I have to be patient since I can plan other things only after the album has launched. 
Q: What will you do in 2017? Is there any plan for a tour? 
A: I joined  a music tour last year with other singers. But I can’t arrange a music tour for myself. If there were a reliable planner for the music tour, I would like to do that. We also have a plan to have a charity show soon. We will let the fans know soon. 
Q: Is there any message to your fans? 
A: I thank you all, and happy new year to you all. I wish everyone to be well. 
Translated by Thet Mon Htun