Pagoda pilgrimage season for Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa kicks off

Aung Thu
Pilgrims who visit Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa (Photo – Aung Thu)
The pagoda pilgrimage season for Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa commenced on January 7, with many attendees.
“The start of Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa pagoda pilgrimage season varies from year to year. Normally, the commencement time is post-rainy season – it may be January or February. More visitors come on weekends and public holidays. On Full Moon Day of Tabaung, the place is crowded with too many visitors and pilgrims,” said the Buddhist monk Nanda Marlar, who is a member of pagoda trustees.
A hostel which has 42 rooms with water and electricity services and clinics are opened for the visitors there. A total of 83 shops including restaurants, photo studios and business for gold leaf packets were allowed to open.
Since pilgrims have to go there by elephants, there are a total of 70 elephants which charge Ks. 8000 for a person. Elephant services are available between 7 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.
Translated by Thetmon