Speaker endorses farmer protection law

Parliamentary Speaker Thura Shwe Mann said the farmer protection law can resolve more than 90 per cent of problems farmers are now facing if it becomes effective. 

The speaker also guaranteed that farmers' rights be honoured in accordance with the law. He made his remarks during a meeting with farmers on December 31 in Hmawby Township, according to Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.

"The law has provisions for more agricultural loans for farmers, for the extension of repayment schemes, for providing any necessary assistance to farmers who lost crops to natural disasters and for providing technical support to farmers," the speaker said.

He also said most of the farmers who make up 70 percent of Myanmar's population will remain caught in the poverty trap if the authorities do not intervene. 

The speaker pointed out that many farmers have faced lawsuits due to insufficient knowledge of the law.

He recommended that the current laws be reviewed to ensure that people can abide by them. 

Thura Shwe Mann recently warned that if the current government and parliament fail to address the ongoing, heavily criticised farmland issues during the remaining presidential and parliamentary term, they will certainly face widespread condemnation.

Several governmental departments are accused of seizing lands beyond their immediate needs and leasing unused land for private gain.