Winter birds attract visitors in Moeyungyi

More visitors are going to Moeyungyi Inn Sanctuary to see the snow bird migrations.
Winter birds from northern areas of the world fly south due to food shortage and serious weather. Due Moeyungyi Inn’s climate and vegetation, approximately 20,000 birds fly there every year. 
Moeyungyi Inn is located in Bago Region between Bago Township and Dikeoo Township, on the road from Yangon to Mandalay. In 1904, the year it was built, Moeyungyi Inn was a 64 kilometer long water storage reservoir. In 1988, it was promoted to a  wildlife sanctuary and inn to support ecotourism. 
It is the first Ramsar site for wetland conservation in Myanmar. This winter, approximately 100 people visit Moeyungyi on weekdays and 600 people visit on weekends. The entrance fee for foreigners is Ks 1000 and Ks 500 for locals.
Translated by Thet Mon Htun