Un-silent potato documentary to be shown in Myanmar Film Festival

A documentary detailing the plight of a disabled girl is due to be shown at the Myanmar Film Festival in the US later this year.

Sein Lyun Htun’s 22-minute film, Un-silent Potato, will air at the festival in Los Angeles, which will take place on September 10 and 11.

“My documentary is about a disabled girl who was abused and didn’t get a fair trial for that abuse,” Sein Lyun Htun said, adding that he chose to direct the film because he believes media exposure is an effective antidote to ongoing rights violations in Myanmar.  

“I believe there may be more and better solutions to solve these kinds of problems. Now that people are interested in lending a helping hand to less fortunate like the girl in this film,” he added.

Another documentary, “Walking a Fine Line,” which is about the life of former actor Kyaw Thu, has also chosen to be shown at the festival.