Government must prove its reform process is correct: UNFC

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) has called on the government to openly prove that its reform process is heading in the right direction.

It said President Thein Sein should have transparency in proving that his government's reform process is correct by dealing with current situations through negotiations, not by force.

"Now, we are in ceasefire talks with the government. After these talks, we will engage in political dialogue, which is aspired by both sides as well as the entire people," said Khu Oo Yal, general secretary of UNFC.

"But, events on the ground may hamper our efforts. We are concerned about any delays and disturbances to our efforts for peace talks. So we want the stakeholders, especially the government and military, to solve the problems."

Colonel Khun Okka, UNFC joint secretary-1, also said: "From the shelling of Laiza military school to the murder of two Kachin teachers to students' protests, we demand that the government take responsibility to address them in a transparent manner."

It issues a statement on January 28 saying that no clear response has been issued over the Army’s shelling the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) military academy in Laiza, Kachin State. The statement also pointed out government troops' clashes with ethnic groups such as KIA, Ta'aung National Libration Army and Shan State Progressive Party, adding that such clashes could lead to regional instability.

UNFC demanded the government to engage in talks by immediately stopping its offensives, to seek the truth in the murder of the two Kachin nationals and to negotiate with the students in their protest against the national education law.

UNFC was due to hold a press conference in Bangkok yesterday.