‘House of Literature’ to open in Yangon

The House of Literature plans to host literary festivals and other activities like this. (Photo - EMG)

Norway’s Hedda Foundation is joining forces with Myanmar’s literary associations to establish the “House of Literature”, the first of its kind in Myanmar and Asia. The literary organisation will house literary associations and book clubs, hosts book launches, literary talks and workshop and organises writing fellowship programmes. 

With sponsorship by the Hedda Foundation and some Norwegian organisations, the literary centre will also get full support from the Myanmar Writers Association, Myanmar Poets Union, and Myanmar Literature Development Committee.

"The aim of establishing the House of Literature is to designate a place for the literary world and writers in Myanmar," said writer Pe Myint, a member of the Myanmar Literature Development Committee.

"Literary associations can be based here. Writers can meet here. They can also write in peace if they want to. We have chosen the site of the former Guardian Newspaper Publication House at the corner of 43rd Street and Merchant Road, which is currently owned by the Ministry of Information. If we can get this building, we can open a library. If we can get official permission to use it, we can open the House of Literature before the year's end," he added.

The House of Literature was first opened in Germany in 1986. Ever since similar organisations have been launched in 11 different countries.