Illegal imports of fertiliser, electronics seized en route from China

More than 1,000 bags of fertiliser and thousands of handsets, TVs, DVDs and other electronics that entered Myanmar illegally from China were seized by a mobile investigation team on January 24.
The illegal goods were found in a convoy of 17 trucks coming from China along the Mandalay route. A mobile team seized the illegal items when the convoy arrived in Naung Cho, according to Thein Win, a mobile team member.
“The fertilizer bags contain ammonium nitrate, which can be used for explosive materials. Therefore, the police force is still investigating. There are more than 1,000 ammonium nitrate bags, in addition to more than 15,000 handsets, TVs, EDVs and DVDs,” said Thein Win.
This seizure is the biggest in the history of Myanmar’s mobile investigation team. Police have not yet identified the owner, and the drivers are still at large.
“It may seem like a normal seizure, but this if the third time we have seized explosive materials. The market price of these items is still being calculated,” added Thein Win.
The committee for the controlling of illegal trade was formed in 2012 by the President Thein Sein, and within three years, about Ks 10 billion of illegal goods have been seized.