Former political prisoners’ football team demands release of all political prisoners

A football team comprised of former political prisoners has organised a tournament to mark centenary of the late General Aung San’s birth at Aung San Stadium in Yangon. At the event, the team demanded the release of all remaining political prisoners.

The tournament began on January 25 and was organized by the central committee in charge of events in honour of General Aung San’s 100th birthday. During the opening ceremony of the tournament, the football team held a sign saying ‘Free all remaining political prisoners.’ The players also wore T-shirts saying bearing the same slogan and threw additional T-shirts into the crowd.

Bo Kyi, a leader of former political prisoners’ football team said: “We are playing to mark our beloved General Aung San’s 100th birthday. We would like to tell the government and people that we demand the release of all remaining political prisoners without restrictions. We are trying to launch a movement to release all political prisoners. Last Independence Day, we launched a political movement called the ‘Palm Campaign.’ This tournament is our latest endeavour.”

Several musicians performed before the tournament began, and Tin Oo, a leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD) delivered a speech at opening ceremony.