Bill on constitution change ready for submission

A bill amending the 2008 Constitution will be submitted to Parliament as the Constitutional Amendment Implementation Committee has already received 20 percent approval from MPs, said Aye Mauk, the committee secretary.

The Constitution says: “If 20 percent of [MPs] submit the bill to amend the Constitution, it shall be considered by the Union Parliament.”

Aye Mauk said: “Efforts are being made for submission of the bill. More than 20 percent of MPs have signed the petition. The bill will be put forwarded at the forthcoming parliament session. Charter change will be made within the set timeframe. Our committee reported this to the UN delegation.”

The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party led the petition and all the MPs who signed it were from the party, he added.
The 12th parliamentary session will resume on 19 January. Union Parliament Speaker Thura Shwe Mann set the timeframe for holding a referendum on charter change in May this year.

A proposal to review the 2008 charter was submitted by USDP MP Thura Aye Myint in March 2013. The Constitutional Amendment Implementation Committee submitted its report in October 2014, suggesting that 210, including section 59 (f), of the 457 sections of the Constitution be amended.