Myanmar's first challenge is unity, Suu Kyi says

Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at the centennial celebration of Bogyoke (General) Aung San held in Yamethin. (Photo - EMG)

Myanmar is on a rough path and unity is the first requirement it needs in order to overcome its challenges, National League for Democracy's chairperson Aung San Suu Kyi told an event to mark her father’s birthday.

She made the remarks during the centennial celebration of Bogyoke (General) Aung San held inside the Shwezigon Pagoda grounds in Yamethin, Mandalay Region.

"All of us need to be united. This country is a union, formed from various ethnic groups. We will only become developed when we have unity," said Aung San Suu Kyi.

Using her father, Aung San, as an example, Suu Kyi explained the difference between heroism and recklessness.

"Wrong pride leads to recklessness and self-interest. Doing something that shouldn't be done because you want to impress people is reckless. A hero always decides carefully before they take a risk for the public's benefit. It's very difficult to take a risk after thinking carefully. It's easier to take a risk when the person is agitated or roused. It's not easy to take a risk while cool-headed. That's why such a spirit must be nurtured," she said.

She advised the public to admire heroes while being aware of bad people. She asked the parents to teach their children not to admire poor examples.

"Do not teach them to admire people with money, power or a position. Teach them to admire those who actually have the right motivations for the country. I want to advise them to stop this now. It's not that earning money isn't important. We need money. But it needs to be earned in the right way," she continued.

“Aung San Spirit” was having the qualifications and vision to carry out anything that needed to be done, she said. Only when the young had such a spirit could they take the country to success. “We can only rest assured in the future when the young have the right spirit,” Suu Kyi said.

"It's natural for people to have the wish to live in comfort. But they must take a risk when it is time. They must let go when it is time to let go. Only then can our country and the whole world find the right path. If you are always thinking about getting what you want and living in comfort, there will be slow development. If you don't take any risks at the time when you should take it, you will not succeed at the time you should succeed," she said.

As everyone had different views, a convenient system needed to be found, she said. The political term for this was democracy. Democracy respected the desires of the majority while protecting the interests of the minorities so it was people’s right to enjoy basic human rights.

Although Myanmar signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there were cases where it breached the pledges towards its citizens, she said.

After her speech, Suu Kyi met the elders of Yamethin and NLD members.