Constitutional Tribunal to decide on proportional representation in Upper House

The proposal to adopt a proportional representation election system that was approved by the Upper Houseof parliament was sent to the Constitutional Tribunal of Myanmar, which will ascertain whether it is permitted by the 2008 constitution.

All necessary information will be sent to the tribunal on January 23.

The Upper House MP Aung Kyi Nyunt and 26 other MPs proposed the tribunal decide on this matter.

“This case is like a civil case, according to the law. The tribunal sets the next hearing for January 23. The tribunal court is processing for the case now,” said Aung Kyi Nyunt.

“We submitted points that might conflict with the constitution. Arguments on both sides will be presented at the next hearing,” he said.

Under the adopted proposal, there would be two kinds of representation in the Upper House.

Self-administered zones in Shan State and Sagaing Region will use the fast-past-the-post system, and other areas would use the proportional representation system with twelve constituencies for each region and state.