PSLF/TNLA releases statement on nationwide ceasefire deal

Trust between the government and ethnic armed groups has diminished as the government backtracked on already-reached agreements for the nationwide ceasefire deal, according to a statement released by the Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF), and its military wing, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), in honour of the 52nd Ta’ang National Revolution Day, which falls on 12 January.

The PSLF/TNLA has been working with in the Nation-wide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) as a member, even though it has not reached an individual ceasefire deal with the government.

The statement said the peace process has stalled at a time when the deadline to reach a ceasefire agreement is approaching because the government has rejected agreements that it previously committed to.

The TNLA has deployed battalions and units in Kyaukme, Mong Mit, Namhsan, Mantong, Namtu, Hsipaw, Lashio, Hseni, Kutkai, Nanhkan and Muse and seeks to station forces wherever Ta’ang people reside.
In 2014, over 200 fights broke out between the TNLA and the government army.

The TNLA has been defending local people, forming a professional military force, campaign within the community and fighting the narcotics industry, the statement said.

The PSLF/TNLA was able solve narcotic drug problems to a certain extent in cooperation with local people. In its effort to eliminate narcotic drugs, the PSLF/TNLA seized narcotic drug factories and adopted a plan for the eradication of narcotic drugs in its territory.

Disagreement between the PSLF/TNLA and the Myanmar government over the latter’s dismissal of agreements made in the 6th ceasefire talk held in Yangon on September 2014. Both plan to participate in the 7th round of talks.