Lack of laws might decrease women's participation in 2015 election

The involvement of women in the 2015 election will be subdued by the lack of laws ensuring women's participation in the cabinet and parliament, according to a member of the Phan Tee Ain women's group. 

Shwe Shwe Sein from Phan Tee Ain said: “Women's involvement in the cabinet and parliament is low because of low education rates among women and an absence of laws to promote women's participation in government. Also, the political parties do not choose women to be representatives. The number [of woman representatives] is very low among the ethnic parties. Women make up only ten per cent of the executive branch and only 4.6 per cent of parliament.”

Dr Nyo Nyo Thin, a female member of the Yangon Region parliament, said: “The government should enforce a law for female participation. There should be a law that guarantees at least 30 per cent of positions in every branch of government to women. Every country that signed the CEDAW has to enforce laws [that promote gender equality].  I hope the Myanmar government will do that as soon as possible.”

According to the 2014 initial figures of national census, there are 1.7 million more women in Myanmar than there are men.