Students stage protest against restrictions on further studies in Education University and Teacher Training College

Khaung Khant Lin
The students staged a protest against restrictions on further studies in Education College and Teacher Training College in the campus of Monywa Education College on September 11.
The reason of staging the protest is to remove restrictions on further studies in Education University and Teacher Training College. Our students are facing opportunity losses as to further studies. A total of 14 education colleges demanded opportunity for further studies. The demands were sent to the Ministry of Education. We staged the protest as the ministry did not intervene in our crisis, said Myit Htwe, Chairman of Monywa Education College.
“Our demands are sent to the ministry. It takes over one week. No contact has come to us yet. We made contacts, but they did not reply. It is like an insult to us. The protest students are from 14 Education Colleges. The voices of the students should be listened. What we demand is a negotiation process. In the past, we had informal discussions. But these were not official. For that we want to get an exact point. We want transparency,” said Myint Htwe.
Kyaw Myint, temporary in-charge of Monywa called the protest students for discussions on September 10. He asked the students if they asked for permission from the local authorities to stage a protest. The students replied that they did not ask for permission from the authorities. 
“I would like the students to stage the protest in accordance with the law. The students said they wanted to stage the protest only in the campus. I told them that the teachers are not like the civilians and they must follow the rules. The leader told me that he was ready to go to a prison. I regarded them that they are the ones who I couldn’t control and I said no more,” said Kyaw Myint.
The students in the education college study together, but they are not enjoying same opportunities. They are losing the opportunities of keeping on pursuing future studies at Education University. For that reason, we are staging the protest and we want this opportunity, said Aye Thuzar Nwe who participated in the protest. The protest students demanded to freely opt coordinated science and coordinated arts, and further studies at Distance Education University.   
Translated and Edited by Win Htut