Emplyoment association and govt meets to discuss sending MOU workers abroad

Aung Min Thein
Caption: A meeting between Myanmar Overseas Employment association and officials from Government Ministries was held in Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in Nay Pyi Taw on September 11.

In order to meet the demand for legal workers in Thailand’s fishing industry, a meeting was held between officials from Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and Myanmar Overseas Employment Association at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in Nay Pyi Taw on September 11.

“We are going to implement a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  in sending Myanmar workers legally to Thailand. We will practice the MOU  in order to fully protect Myanmar workers so that they have unfettered access to their rights while working  abroad. Therefore, we will be opening a One Stop Center in Kawthaung where majority of Myanmar migrant workers are located. For the implementation of the MOU, we have to connect with private agencies and so we have invited Myanmar overseas employment association and other groups,” said Union Minister Thein Swe of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

At present, about 41125 Myanmar migrant workers from Ayeyawaddy Region, Mon and Rakhine States are working as fishermen in Thailand while  about 45400 are working in fishing and other related industries. Around 51741 workers are working in marine products factories.

Depending on the guarantee given by Thailand, Myanmar aims to send its workers to Thailand and hope to provide full rights for workers working in fishing industry and get full protection.

“Fishing industry and fishermen falls in the category of jobs that are prone to danger and risks. The job needs much healthcare benefits. Therefore, we have to pay special attention to it. Since we get the appointment letter for working in the fishing industry, it is very important to fill in the specific details of owners, owners of ships or boats, and that motor vessels must be registered ones. The things described in the appointment letters and agreement between employers and employees must be consistent with each other,” continued Minister Thein Swe.

He added that the cash sent by Myanmar workers in abroad to their families members are partly supporting the GDP of our country. As a result, agencies sending Myanmar workers must always keep in touch with their workers in abroad to be able to know that these workers can send their earnings easily and conveniently to their families or if they can swiftly and simply send their earnings to their families without any trouble.

He continued in saying that the Ministry has discussed with agencies sending Myanmar workers to Malaysia to take responsibility, to give protection to them and to send their earnings to their families legally.