KNU chairman urges to find solutions to implement peace process

Min Soe Naing
Caption: The 3rd meeting of NCA Signatories Ethnic armed Organizations’ Summit held in September 11 in Chiang Mai.

The final day of the 3rd meeting of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) Signatories Ethnic armed Organizations’ Summit (NCA-SEAO Summit) was held at Chiang Mai, Thailand on September 11.

At the Summit, KNU chairman Saw Mutu Saypho said that they have to find solutions together to the problems found to be a hindrance to implementing the peace process.

At the final day of  3rd NCA-S EAO Summit, Saw Mutu Saypho, Ywat Sit and Kyar Kun Sar acted as panel chairs of the summit.

“In these three days, we found that the stakeholders held different fundamental understandings and had deep disparities. He said there are hesitations in the political dialogues because there are no set agreements concerning the political sphere. The last day of the summit will focus on finding solutions to this,” said Saw Mutu Saypho.

Accepting the diversity practically caused unity. It is our policy. If there is unity among us, it will be smooth and convenient when striving for the peaceful and long lasting federal democratic union we long for. As I said in the first day of Summit, we must nurture the spirit of generosity and an open mind, coupled with unity, on the path to the federal democratic union everyone wishes for, he urged all 10 NCA signatories.

The summit was attended by 49 representatives from the 10 EAO signatories to the NCA. Also present on the summit were top leaders from the 10 NCA EAO signatories and relevant representatives.