Fresh water fish scale in demand for use in cosmetic

Theingi Win Tin

Thailand and Japan is buying freshwater fish scales for use in cosmetic products according to Win Kyaing, general-secretary of Myanmar Fish Federation.

Buyers from Thailand and Japan came to Myanmar to buy freshwater fish scales.

“On September 7, buyers from Japan discussed with us for buying fish scales. They want Tilapia fish scales. They said collagen will be extracted from the fish scale and it can be used for whitening lotion and other skincare cosmetics,” said Win Kyaing.

Buyers from Thailand also came and transactions took place with Thailand buyers. They will transport fish scale from Yangon to Thailand within this week via the land border route, he continued.

Scales of Tilapia, carp, sturgeon are bought from Thailand with Ks.2000 per viss and it is said that 30 tons to 50 tons of fish scales per month will regularly be bought.

Marine fish-derived collagen is widely used in cosmetic formulations due to its excellent skin moisturizing properties.