Relief camps in Hpa-an still open

Soe Soe (Hpa-an)
Water level reduced in No.5 Ward, Hpa-an


Hpa-an – Water level in Thanlwin River in Hpa-an is still above its danger level on September 10 and flood relief camps were unable to close down even though the water level has declined to 852 centimeters, sources said.

“The water level has declined for the fourth time but we are still monitoring the situation. Houses and roads are still submerged under water. We cannot say for sure that the water level will not increase again. It may rise again on the full moon day of Tawtalin. If any rain were to occur heavily in upper areas of Thanlwin River, it is likely to increase,” said a local from Hpa-an.

Floods began in Hpa-an from July 21 and it has continued to occur for about two months now.

All townships in Kayin State except Thantaunggyi Township were hit by the floods and more than 50 flood relief camps were opened. Nearly 50,000 flood victims have taken shelter in the relief camps and more flood relief camps may have to be opened.

“It is important that the water level declines. We all are out of jobs and reestablishment of our lives after the flood is going to be a huge headache. The floods destroyed our houses. We are in huge amounts of debt as we are daily wage workers. We have to pray not to happen like that again,” said a 50-year old flood victim.

Although Thanlwin River water level is start declining, more than 8,500 flood victims from 1,604 family households are still taking shelter at 15 flood relief camps in the township.