Agricultural sector must be boosted within OBOR Initiative

Zeyar Nyein
Yangon Conference for opportunity of Investment and One Belt One Road and Myanmar’s Development held yesterday.
YANGON - Myanmar-Macau Friendship Association will be carrying out trading development efforts and their first priority is to boost the agricultural sector within the One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative.
The information came to the Yangon Conference on One Belt One Road and Myanmar’s Development held at the Sule Shangrila Hotel Yangon, yesterday.
“In OBOR’s policy, there are five points. Mainly, trading is the first priority. Now, there are over 30 million visitors in Macau. So, the foodstuffs are in demand to cater to them. Myanmar has a lot of agricultural produces. So, we are going to hold a Crop Expo in Macau,” said Jose Wong, Chairman of Macau-Myanmar Friendship Association.
China is implementing the OBOR Initiative. An economic corridor project is also includes in the Initiative.
“Myanmar delegation led by the Union Minister went to China in February. Both sides had discussed about MoU for implementation of China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. But, we didn’t reach the stage of signing. The signing ceremony of MoU may be held later this year and it will be signed in front of leaders of both countries. About the MoU, both sides agreed to amend, cut and add to the data in the MoU. Both sides are ready to sign the MoU,” said Aung Naing Oo, Secretary of Myanmar Investment Commission.
As a direct or indirect result of this project, urban development, IT sector, agricultural and industrial zones will emerge from their current standby states. And then, border trade and tourism industry will also boom.
The project would also bring more results in conjunction with emergence of railroads, motor roads and jetties. Not only the Chinese but also Myanmar citizens would be participating in the economic platform project.