President and departmental officials complained of surgical instrument left in stomach

Aung Kyaw Myo (Hinthada)
The Health Department has begun launching an investigation into the complaint lodged by the family of the patient about the patient that is suffering illness for many years due to surgical instrument left in the stomach.
In connection with the case, the family of the patient complained the president and departmental officials of this matter. One month later, the Divisional Medical Treatment Department made an inspection visit to Hinthada People’s Hospital.
“Today, the divisional medical treatment department visits the hospital. My father, mother and I are questioned. They ask me why we complain. Since the past, I have been suffering an illness. I don’t know why it is. Even now I come to know the surgical instrument left in the stomach as the specialists take it out during an operation. I never had my operation made. We told the specialist who performed an operation in the past, but he ignored it. He did not take up responsibility. Therefore, we complained. We presented health history, suffering conditions and our troubles to the officials,” said Shine Htet Aung, a son of the patient.
The incident occurred at Hinthada People’s Hospital on August 20 in 1992. The patient was suffering rotten intestine. The hospital made an operation for the rotten intestine. After the operation, a six-inch surgical instrument was left in the stomach. Since that time, the patient has been suffering the rotten intestine for 26 years. 
In connection with the case, the patient and his family signed and lodged the complaint to the responsible persons on August 2 in 2018. 
The medical inspection team led by the medical superintendent of Pyapon People’s Hospital came to investigate the current surgeon who took out the surgical instrument from the stomach and questioned the families including the patient. 
The Daily Eleven newspaper tried to make an appointment, but the medical superintendent did not reply. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut