MTE to produce 5,000 tons of hardwood from Pyay in 2018-19 FY

Wai Lin (Pyay)

Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE) is planning to produce 5,000 tons of hardwood from timber production area in Pyay in 2018-19 FY, sources said.

“The government had suspended timber production in Bago mountain range for ten years. Now hardwood from Rakhine mountain range will be produced but teak will not be included. The enterprise will export some hardwood logs and some will be used for local use. It will supervise timber auctioning,” said General Manager Tin Min Oo of Pyay timber production enterprise.

The hardwoods produced from ironwood tree, large timber tree and sal tree will be produced from Buyo reserve forest in Pandaung Township. The production will be implemented according to extant rules and regulations as well as utilizing old methods and finding new ways to lessen the impact on environmental damage.

“It is better to consult with locals in the area to produce hardwoods. The excessive production in Bago mountain range is caused natural disasters such as floods, landslides and forming of silty soils in the rivers. The endurance of the dams is lower and it is better to cut down trees and replant them,” said a founder of Green Generation Natural Environment Lovers group.

The production plan is clarified to MPs, political parties, government departments and natural environmental group and a total of 5,000 tons of hardwood was produced last year. The enterprise made to grow natural value-added plantations in the timber production areas.