Over 8,000 users registered at MM Social

Wai Tun Naung


The number of people who use MM Social, a Myanmar-owned social network has exceeded 8,000 users in a short span of 18 hours since its inception, said Ko Yan Naing Myint, an executive director of MM Social.

“Only the functions such as account sign in, like, share and comment, pages and groups are available. Users will not have access to functions like video call, voice call and live,” he added.

“The company will made necessary modifications to MM social soon. We have set a priority list for it. Other important functions like “Search” will be come on live in the coming week,” he continued.

MM Social application software is unavailable now. People can use MM social via www.mmsocial.net only. The application software is expected to come out at the end of this month.

There was widespread criticism that MM social may be linked to the army (Tatmadaw) as it comes out a few days after Facebook removed some military leaders’ pages

On September 2, the company introduced MM Social. The company started implementing MM social two months ago. Our company is not backed by the army (Tatmadaw). MM social is a privately-owned social network, he added.

MM Social will not be in a position to compete with other famous social networks. The company will make necessary upgrades to it.