UWSA denies bank note printing rumors

Min Naing Soe
A model of a banknote accused to be owned by UWSA


The rumours that United Wa State Army (UWSA) printing its owned banknotes are false information, said Nyi Yan, In-charge of liaison office of the UWSA in Lashio.

Some Facebook accounts wrote about the UWSA printing currency on its own on September 7 and some shared the posts in social media.

Nyi Yan said, “It is an old story. Some are propagandizing with political motivations. Some are inciting the government and army. The issue was happened for a long time. Everyone knows it is not true. We cannot tell who did it as we didn’t catch them red-handed. It is not meaningful and has no proof.”

The posts said, “The UWSA mortgaged gold for their own currency at a bank in China and said a 100 banknote of the UWSA is equivalent to K20,000. Wa region is a self-administered zone in Shan State and is not granted as a state although they have their owned police force and used Chinese and Wa as their official languages. They didn’t let a Myanmar government employee to enter in their region. They cannot be assigned in the region.”

They said, “The army commanders cannot go there without notifying them in advance. Now they are printing banknotes. What can Central Bank of Myanmar do? People who say they cannot be tolerable if the intruders touch one inch of their land and what can they do now? People who say they cannot accept the secession of the country and what can they do now? The word “Government Wa” is printed in the banknotes.”

The UWSA replied to the Daily Eleven on September 7 that they will scrutinize whether the rumours are true or not and the investigation is still ongoing or not.

The UWSA has about 30,000 soldiers and nearly 10,000 auxiliary forces, according to Myanmar Peace Monitor.

The UWSP/UWSA had ceasefire agreement with the government for more than 20 years but they haven’t signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) yet. They are acting as a chairman of the Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee (FPNCC), which announced they will not the NCA, and the UWSP has a good relation with Chinese government.