Investors pool resources in industry, hotel and other services sectors in Ygn region


Foreign and local investors made their investments in 38 businesses worth over US$68 million and Ks16 billion in Yangon region and most of them were made in industry, hotel and other services sectors, according to Yangon region investment committee.

The committee approved 29 foreign investments from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Seychelles Island, India and Vietnam and nine local investments from April to September in this fiscal year.

The investors who want to make investment worth US$5 million or K6 billion in the region can take out application forms from office of staff officer of Yangon region.

The committee approved 39 foreign investments from Singapore, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Virgin Island and nine local investments from August to March in 2017-18 fsy. The capital of the investments is worth US$56 million and K23 billion and created 22,481 job opportunities.

The committee approved four foreign investments and three local investments in the committee meeting held at the office of the Yangon region government on September 5. The total amounts of the investments are over US$12 million and K2.5 billion and created 3,214 job opportunities.