Houses near Thanlwin River move to safer areas as Thanlwin River increases

Ma Khine (Loikaw)
Caption: Hpa Saung Tonship locals are being evacuate as Thanlwin River increases

Hpa Saung-As water level in Thanlwin River is increased again on morning of September 5, locals staying near the River had to move to safer places according to Hpa Saung residents.

“Thanlwin River water level is increasing per hour. There are 12 houses being flooded. Water entered to villages such as  Kyauk Pe Nyo, Kha Ma Phyu, Shan Wan Oung, and Hant Ku Kone. Rescue teams came to villages,” said Sai Hla Oo from Hpa Saung.

Two rescue teams are doing rescue works along Thanlwin River. A total of 31 houses, 128 people are evacuated. Township level natural disaster management committee helped locals in evacuation, moving of already harvested crops to safe areas.

Hpa Saung is 90 miles distant from Loikaw which is a capital of Kayah State. Karen, Kayah and Shan mostly reside in the area. Majority of them work as fishermen relying on the Thanlwin River.