Floods continue to occur in Hpa-an in Sept

Soe Soe (Hpa-an)
River water covered Hpa-an on September 5


Hpa-an – Continuous flooding is occurred in Hpa-an as water level in Thanlwin River reached nearly 900 centimeters in first week of September, sources said.

The water level in Thanlwin River is reached to 881 centimeters on September 5 and if more rain is poured down, it will be above 900 centimeters. The recorded water level in Thanlwin River was 938 centimeters on July 30, said locals.

“The record-break of water level and flood in 53-year time occurred in this year. We will have to be careful of Thanlwin River to prevent floods in flooding season. The floods trouble humans as well as animals. We have faced shortage of food, scabies caused by constant exposure to contaminated water and debility,” said a farmer from Shwegun Village in Hlaingbwe Township.

The water level of Thanlwin River reached above its danger level, which is 750 centimeters, on July 30 and it is existed above its danger level on September 5.

“The river water is decreased and increased again. We cannot see any sign of water decrease. The flood will be continued to occur in villages in the township. The state government is provided provisions for human and animals. Reestablishment is important in the time when water recedes. Our houses are destroyed in the floods,” said farmer Than Tun from Pharnewkyun Village in Hpa-an Township.

It is the biggest flooding in its 53-year history and the longest time in its history.