FDA takes action against around 40 unlicensed drug stores

Ei Thinzar Kyaw


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department has taken action against around 40 unlicensed drug stores, said Dr Min Won, Deputy Director of the FDA.

“This year, the FDA conducted surprise checks on more than 200 drug stores in Yangon. For the first time, the FDA suspends drug stores which sell banned medicines for three months. The FAD places the six-month ban on drug stores for the breach of rules twice. For the third time, the FDA revokes licenses and opens cases in accordance with the National Drug Law. Currently, the FDA suspends three drug stores for three months and takes legal actions against nine shops. More than 30 drug stores have to make pledge,” he added.

The Ministry of Health and Sports has warned that action will be taken against medical companies and drug stores which import, sell and distribute unregistered, fake, substandard medicines, in accord with Section 18 of the National Drug Law.

From 2013 till June, 2017, there were 265 cases filed under the National Drug Law—71 cases in 2013, 19 in 2014, 51 in 2015, 99 in 2016 and 25 until June, 2017.

The FDA has urged the public to complain to FDA offices in regions and states about fake, unregistered and substandard medicines.