No investigations done yet against doctor who left surgical instrument in patient's body

Aung Kyaw Myo (Hinthada)

There has been no progress or action in relation to a complaint against a medical doctor who left a surgical instrument in the abdomen of a man during an operation, leaving the patient in pain for 26 years.

In connection with the case, the patient's family filed a complaint with evidence to the President and concerned officials for action. But no investigation has so far come forth.

"I sent the letter to both union and regional levels over a month ago. We enclosed the letter with all surgical records. But we have yet to hear of any investigation. We lodged the complaint so that it will be investigated. My father's health is in very poor condition. We also have financial difficulties. I had to quit my job. Authorities did nothing. We feel sorry that no members of parliament didn't even bother coming to see us. We suffered for a very long time. We didn't receive any assistance. The situation is worsening. We visited the doctor who performed surgical operation for help. But he didn't take any responsibility. This is why we have filed a complaint," said Shine Htet Aung, son of the patient.

In connection with the case, the patient underwent a surgical operation at Hinthada People's Hospital in Ayeyawady Region on August 20. After 26 years of severe pains, the man underwent a surgical operation again and a six-inch-long surgical instrument was found in his abdomen.

When contacted, Dr Oo Oo Han, who is facing the complaint, said: "His intestine was rotten. I didn't remember well because it has been 26 years. Openly speaking, I saved his life at that time. Without a surgical operation, he would have died. Anyone would not do that recklessly. Surgical instruments have to be counted by nurses. I want to see evidential documents as to how it (the apparatus) was left in the abdomen and who performed the operation. I am going to ask for hospital documents. The records may or may not exist because it has been 26 years. They are getting poor. I was asked for assistance but I have nothing either. I am just a pensioner. At that time, doctors had to struggle. If the light went out, they had to perform operations under a torch light. Transportation was very poor at that time. I don't know who performed that operation. They say that I did it."