Locals repair some portions of Homalin-Naungpoaung-Nantaw road

Ma Pe Nyein
Portion of Homalin-Naungpoaung-Nantaw road


Some portions of Homalin-Naungpoaung-Nantaw road in Homalin Township, Sagaing region, which are damaged every rainy season, were repaired by locals and travelers, sources said.

The road is mainly used by locals from villages alongside Uru River and nearby of Homalin and is over 39 miles in length. Most portions of the road are paved with stones and it is damaged in monsoon season annually, said Chairman Kyaw Sein of the township private vehicles’ disciplinary administrative committee.

“The road was damaged in some portions in every rainy season especially between Nantaw and Mongkine and Naungkham and Khutengo. We repaired the road and it cost about Ks10 million. The business is not good and we cannot afford that amount now. The road is being used for about 30 years. We could only pave a part of the road with asphalt. It is about ten miles in length. The road is over 39 miles in length. The marshes that occurs in rainy season make it almost impossible for us to use the road. The road is also full of holes and ditches. The locals have to use the motorcycles in emergency cases. The whole township depends on the road. We have to and want to use it any time,” said Kyaw Sein.

MP Kyaw Htay of Homaline Constituency said he requested the region department to pave the road with concrete for the convenience of the locals.

“We know that the locals cannot use the road in rainy season. I live here and use it. So I made a request to the region government to pave it with concrete,” said the MP.