Butheedaung sub-power station 80% complete

Thar Shwe Oo(Kispa)
Caption: Butheedaung sub-power station seen under construction

Sub-power stations are being constructed in Maungdaw District through the national power grid and construction of the sub-power stations are now at 80 percent completion.

“The construction of support pillars are nearly complete. Construction of the sub-power station is 80 percent completed. The project period dictates that we must complete in end of October. The building of the sub-power station in Maungdaw will be completed in December,” said Hein Moe Htet, electrical engineer of Maungdaw District.

Power can be transmitted to Butheedaung in Maungdaw district in October, Maungdaw in December through power grid. In Maungdaw Township, there 15 surrounding villages which are 10 miles distant from Maungdaw. There are 14 surrounding villages which are 10 miles from Butheedaung Township.

“In Maungdaw Township, 15 surrounding villages which are 10 miles distant from Maungdaw as well as 14 surrounding villages which are 10 miles from Butheedaung Township will be illuminated,” continued Hein Moe Htet.

At present, electricity is distributed from 6.00 pm to 4:30 am in Butheedaung and from 6.00 pm to 6:00 am in Maungdaw.

“Electrical wires and pillars were sent to villages. We heard that our village will have access to electricity in October. Our village, in the past, had to rely on water route only as the land transportation routes are terrible. We had to travel by passing over hills and mountains. Now that the Butheedaung-Yathaetaung road is completed, transportation will be much easier. But, roads are still inaccessible in rainy season. We are very happy to know that our villages will get electricity,” said a villager who doesn’t want to express his name, from Kyar Nyo Pyin village near Sai Din River in Butheedaung Township.

Rakhine State is the second poorest state in Myanmar. Currently, most get electricity from solar power and small generators which are either donated by the government or funded by World Bank. However, these are not sufficient and grid-supplied electricity is urgently needed.

Of the 17 townships in Rakhine State, Maungdaw, Yathaetaung and Butheedaung townships are not connected to national grid yet.

Meanwhile, in townships which already receive power from the national grid, it is only the city centers that enjoy electricity.