Construction of Offshore Fixed Pilot Station will resume in October

Shun Le Win
A construction site of Offshore Fixed Pilot Station
YANGON- A construction work of Offshore Fixed Pilot Station will be resumed in October, according to the Myanma Port Authority.
The authorities had postponed construction of offshore fixed pilot station during the rainy season. However, about 60% works have been completed.
“Offshore construction tasks were stopped for the monsoon period. We had planned to restart construction works in September but as there has been continuous rain, we will resume the tasks in October. The basement floor has already been completed. We are now preparing to pave the concrete slab for first floor. We expected that the construction works will be able to finish by December,” said Dr Myo Nyein Aye, Deputy General Manager from Myanma Port Authority.
The project costs over US$ 20 million.
The international Ocean Liners berth and depart from a sea mouth, a distance of 56 Kilometers from Yangon Port.
Thus the Navigators from Myanma Port Authority control and send above international ocean liners to the Yangon port aiming to dock and depart safely.
As for Myanma Port Authority, two Pilot vessels are anchored off alternately as a Pilot Station.
There are increased numbers of Ocean liners and staffs in Yangon Port. So, the result left the place requirements.
Construction of three-story concrete type Offshore Fixed Pilot Station aims to move the pilot vessels to safer places during the bad weather condition and to reduce the maintenance cost of the vessels.