Farmers demand land return in Nay Pyi Taw

Aung Min Thein

Some local farmers staged a protest in Nay Pyi Taw on September 2, demanding the return of seized farmlands to the original owners and action to be taken against the Zabuthiri township administrator.

Farmlands in Zabuthiri Township were seized for then-Nay Pyi Taw city building project but some of them have not been used for the project. Thus the land owners gathered at a football and sports ground in Ottarathiri Township to demand the return of their lands. They also demanded action against the township administrator who have continuously filed lawsuits against local farmers.

"In the period of Nay Pyi Taw city building project, farmlands and crop plantations in Zabuthiri Township were confiscated. But they have not been used for any project since. Today, we staged a protest to demand that the government give up those land plots. In connection with those land problems we are even facing lawsuits from authorities," said a local farmer from the township.

The local farmers have sent letters of request to government officials demanding the return of those seized farmlands and a halt to continuing lawsuits against local farmers.

"On Myanmar Radio and Television, the President has called on regional parliamentarians and relevant organisations to quickly return the farmlands to local farmers as from June 25 this year after a review and assessment. But, concerned officials turn a blind eye to what the President said. We are even facing lawsuits, said Aung Myint, a local farmer from Zabuthiri Township.

The protestors demanded to stop litigious actions enacted by the Zabuthiri township administrator, return the land plots that have not been used for any project and take action against the administrator who lodged lawsuits against the local farmers in an incorrect way.