ITD company repairs damaged Dawei-Htikhi road

Phyo Zin

ITD Company, which built Dawei-Htikhi road under a BOT agreement, is repairing the road from August 31 as it is seriously damaged in rainy season, sources said.

The company is using machines to dig up soil from the hills beside the road and laid them on the road in two places. However they have yet to repair the worst damaged portion of the road yet, sources said.

“They are currently repairing at a place beyond the Bolarhtaw gate. They placed paving stones on three ten-wheeled trucks and created a flat surface using a road grader. The road is seriously damaged between Myitta feeder road and Bolarhtaw gate. It took over one hour to drive past that part of the road while it used to just take 15 minutes before the damages. The road is damaged in other places too. The rain is still somewhat pouring. We can drive between Dawei and Htikhi within four hours before that and now it took nearly six hours between them ONLY if we don’t face heavy traffic jams. Some travellers had to spend overnight on the road. The company said they will be repairing all the damages. Heinda mining company provided fuel and merchants association also helped them. The road condition will be returned to normal if they paved with ample stones on marshes. However,  they didn’t use a steamroller to flatten the stones so it will be definitely be damaged again,” said Pyae Zaw Hein.

Transportation is difficult in a portion of the road between Myitta feeder road and Bolarhtaw gate on Dawei-Htikhi road. Tractors are also pulling some cars stuck in the mud for a fee. Tractors’ owners charged K20,000 for trucks with goods and K10,000 for trucks without goods. People have to spend overnight on the road if the tractors are not there to pull their cars across. More rain had poured down in Dawei in this rainy season in compared with last season while landslides also occurred on the road. Some cars are also trapped in the mud marshes and they have been seen helping each other by pulling each other using ropes, locals said.