Report suggests adoption of national agriculture master plan to increase export

EMG reporter

Myanmar needs to fix basic prices for crops and adopt a national agriculture master plan in order to increase export volume, suggests a report on findings and suggestions from a meeting on boosting the production and export of the country's beans and pulses, maize and other crops.

"Bean export market is declining. So we need to change our strategy for crops such as mung beans and pigeon peas," said Union Minister for Commerce Dr Than Myint.

The report highlights strategy change for agricultural development and national level management to improve income of farmers, state income and endure the development of all involved in supply chain.

As part of a short-term plan, measures will be undertaken to sell beans and pulses currently in stock, grow marketable crops and educate local farmers on GAP system.

Under a mid-term plan, digital technology will be applied to disseminate knowledge to local growers about agricultural technology in before and post-harvest periods, agricultural market technology and climatic conditions.

Under a long-term plan also, measures will be applied to adopt policies for the emergence of a contract farming system in which direct contracts are made between exporters and growers in order to reduce production cost and supply required agricultural inputs. The ultimate plan is to fix basic prices for crops and adopt a national agriculture master plan.   

The department of agriculture is now encouraging farmers to use a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) system in growing crops such as rice, beans, pulses and corn so that Myanmar’s agricultural industry has better access to export market.