Morisaki Win’s programme to show in MNTV

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: Morisaki Win on a shooting scene.

“Win’s Time” a programme in which Morisaki Win participated as a TV presenter will be screened from Myanmar National Television (MNTV) on November.

There will be many interesting programmes including interviewing with artists and many other things. Morisaki Win is currently involving in the shooting that programme.

“I’m preparing interesting programme for the Myanmar fans in which I will act as a presenter. There will be fascinating things for viewers, artists who won the hearts of Myanmar people, will be presented. I’m also an Myanmar Tourism Promotion Brand Ambassador to promote Japanese visitors to come and visit to Myanmar,” said Morisaki Win.

During his shooting programme, he also met with director Christina Khi and actor Zan Khi for interview. Myanmar Tourism Federation has appointed Morisaki Win as Myanmar Tourism Promotion Brand Ambassador.

The aims of appointing the young actor as brand ambassador are to promote, develop and facilitate Japanese tourism activity towards Myanmar.

Morisaki Win is a Japanese singer and actor of Burmese descent. He is the lead vocalist of PrizmaX, a J-pop idol boy band managed by Stardust Promotion and he has appeared in films and TV dramas in his home country Myanmar.

He starred in the Myanmar movie called “Zarti Myay” aka “Native Land”. He also made his international acclaim by playing the part of the character “Daito” in the Hollywood movie Ready Player 1 directed by famous Steven Spielberg.

He had starred in Japanese films such as Isao Yukisada’s “Parade” (2010) and Masao Kasahara’s “Shelly” (2014).