Yangon to allow car import under quota system

Zaw Min Naing and Hsan Htoo Aung
Press conference on one-year functions of the Yangon Region government in progress

Vehicle import in Yangon Region will be allowed under Yangon Vehicle Quota Certificate (YVQC) system, and the quota will be announced in October, Yangon Region chief minister Phyo Min Thein told a press conference on clarification of the government's functions in the second year of the term on August 24.

"We are planning to issue Yangon car licences under YVQC system in the import of cars to Yangon Region. Starting from coming October, Yangon car quota will be set under YVQC system. Only then will we be able to drive with a Yangon official licence. We will also be able to control the increasing number of cars in Yangon," said the chief minister.

Under the YVQC system, a car import permit will have to be purchased with the price ranging from K3 million to K9 million depending on engine power. Car importers can apply for Yangon Region licences.

Phyo Min Thein said Yangon's car trading system in which cars are imported and sold on a small scale is a challenge. He stressed the need to open car sales centres in accord with the law and procedures. Current sales of cars in Yangon could be described illegal, he added.

The chief minister said it was necessary to systematically open car sales centres for both imported brand new cars and used cars.

"In allowing people to import cars on a small scale for private use, we have found that most people imported their cars and sold them for business purposes. This is not because they don't want to use their cars. Actually, cars have been imported from Japan to create an illegitimate car trading market," the chief minister commented.

There have been discussions between the union and Yangon Region governments to adopt a new car import system for traffic control. The new union vehicle law carries a provision allowing import of brand new cars and making efforts to improve car manufacturing in Myanmar, said the chief minister.