Myawaddy Border trade on decline due to fierce heavy rains

Ko Shwe Thein
Caption: Jaing (Kawkareik) Pontoon bridge in Myawaddy Border trade seen after constructing temporary approach bridge on August 9.

As the heavy rain pours rampant in the region, Jaing (Kawkareik) Pontoon bridge in Myawaddy was flooded and completely inaccessible for 20 days. As a result, trade amount compare with previous year amount has declined to US $ 4.861 million according to the data released by Ministry of Commerce.

The Myawaddy border trade camp is the second largest camp among other border trade camps. On average, the trade camp is deals in more than US $ 1 million per day.  After July 20, trucks had to wait for the water to recede which caused cessation cargo transports from arriving to their destination.

According to the data collected by Ministry of Commerce, the volume of import/export till July 13 has surplus US $ 24.168 million compare with last year. After constructing temporary pontoon bridge in Jaing (Kawkareik) , vehicles are now able to resume their normal operations starting from August 9. As a result, there is regular flow of commodities.

From Myawaddy Border trade camp, machines, mortar cycles, material for construction and businesses, zinc sheet, cement, iron, food and various commodities, plastic wares, and fruit saplings, diesel, fuel, various kinds of fruits and vegetables such as durian, jackfruit, cucumber, rambutan, and Roselle, water lily were imported.

Myanmar has legally exported marine products such as fish, prawn, crabs and agricultural produce, sesame, cumin, onion, and various kinds of beans and pulses. But, rice and cattle and some other items face in difficulty for exporting legally and most of these items were exported to neighboring countries after passing Thaungyin River.  

There are 16 border trade camps already operating in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s trade camps on the border with China include Muse 105- Mile, Bamaw (Lweje), Kwanlon (Chin Shwe Haw), Kan Pite Tee and Kengtung.

The Tachileik, Myawaddy, Kawthaung, Myeik (FOB), Mawtaung and Hteekhe camps are situated on Myanmar’s border with Thailand.

The Tamu and Reed camps are between Myanmar and India, while the Sittwe, Maung Taw camps are situated on the border with Bangladesh.