Memorial service held for the 113 Hindus killed during ARSA attacks

Thar Shwe Oo (Kispa)
Caption: A memorial service was held for the 113 Hindus killed on August 15 2017 ARSA attacks Maungdaw Township.
It was held at the Hindu temporary camp in Maungdaw Township.
It was attended by Maungdaw Township administrator, police officer and Hindu monks. The family members of those killed were also there.
“Last year, on August 25th, a total of 113 Hindus were killed. We held a memorial service in advance of that real day. As the remaining families are poor, they all gathered together for memorial service. Hindus are still being under threat,” A Ni Maw, said leader of Hindus.
ARSA terrorists attacked and killed 99 Hindus from Khamaung Seik, and Yebaw Kya, 3 from Thittone Narkhwasone, 1 from Taungpyo, 2 from Zinpaiingnyar, 6 from Myothugyi court, 1 from city and 1 from Padin village totaling 113.
“I’m still wondering why they killed Hindus? It made my heart ache. I will never forget the murders. We, Hindus, did nothing wrong but was over a hundred Hindus were kiled and it will be remembered in history,” said a Hindu woman. 
Over 4000 Hindus used to live in Maungdaw Township but due to the killings, they are afraid to go back to the native place and now live in camps within Maungdaw Township. There are 1225 Hindus currently at the camp in Maungdaw Township, and 68 people in Sittwe camps.