Dhammayangyi Zedi in Bagan gets criticisms

Ko Naw (Bagan)
Caption: The compound of Dhammayangyi Zedi in Bagan seen on August 14.
Bagan- Dhammayangyi Zedi in Bagan in the ancient cultural heritage zone has recently got much criticism over the creation of a small garden in front of the Zedi.
“We have created a small garden with the intention of green and pleasant for the visitors in front of the Zedi with the permission from Archeological Department. It is not the only Zedi and all the 11 Zedis have carried out greening works in their environs without destroying the ancient buildings. Yesterday, Archeological Department again said that we have to do it again not to affect the ancient buildings,” said Than Aye, chairman of board of trustees of Dhammayangyi Zedi.
"District authority instructed board of trustees do greening works and they replied to grow grass. Now, in addition to growing grass, they created a garden. Therefore, we have to instruct them to avoid improper works,” said Director Aung Aung Kyaw of Department of Archeological and Museum (Bagan branch).
“If one desires  Bagan to put in the World Heritage List, everyone should avoid things that destroy the images of ancient Bagan,” said a local.
Dhammayangyi is the most massive structure in Bagan which has a similar architectural plan to Ananda Temple. It was built by King Narathu (1167-70). The Zedi is located about a kilometer to the southeast of the city walls directing Minnanthu.
After murdering his own king father, Narathu ascended the throne of Bagan and due to that, he built this temple. It is said that Narathu oversaw the construction himself and that masons were executed if a needle could be pushed between bricks they had laid. But he never completed the construction because he was assassinated before the completion.
The interlocking, mortar less brickwork at Dhammayangyi, best appreciated on the upper terraces, is said to rank as the finest in Bagan. Unfortunately the highest terraces and hidden stairways leading to them are now off limits to visitors.